Second book just published:

The Dynamic Theory-A new view of Space-Time-Matter


In February 2009 I attended the Space Propulsion and Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF 2009) held 24-26 February in Huntsville, AL. I presented two papers there titled, “Fusion for Earth and Space” and “Superluminal Space Craft.”


New book is now available.

During the month of November 2008 I became anxious due to repeated delays in the scheduling of an experiment that was to test one of my theoretical predictions so as a means of taking my mind off the delays I wrote a book. The book is one of three I have been thinking of writing. One book I felt needed to include all of the detailed derivations showing the logic of all the predictions I had developed so that all who were interested in exactly what the logic was and how the prediction was developed would have a source. A second book I thought should be an advance text book. The third book was to be aimed toward the general public to tell them why and how I went about this rewrite of physical theory and what I think I achieved.

I have been working on the first book for some time now and even submitted a version of it to two different publishers. This book has yet to be published and I am still adding to it. I haven’t started the text book yet as I feel rather intimidated by the thought of writing it. I can’t say exactly why I feel this intimidation, but it is there.

The book I wrote on during November and December was the one aimed toward the general public. I sought to write it as I would tell my brother what I had done over a cup of coffee. He said I came close to achieving that goal. Over a period of three to four weeks I wrote on this book for two to three hours a day. Then when my brain was cooked each day I would help my wife on our bathroom renovation project. Another month or so was taken up with editing and re-editing. I also obtained the assistance of my brother and my good friend Oke Shannon.

My daughter had stood up this web site and suggested that I put the book on the site as an eBook. I thought perhaps some folks might wish to have a hard copy so I also looked into the Print-on-Demand approach. The Print-on-Demand is now available (see below) while the eBook will soon be ready also.

I hope all who read this book will enjoy it.


A hard copy of the book is now available at
Phyics-Against All Odds
In this book I tell why I stayed with my research to find a single set of laws from which all current laws may be derived. This book not only talks about why and how I conducted this research, but also tells about the resulting unification of the various branches of physics and some of the interesting and exciting predictions I made.

Pharis E. Williams